About Us

We are the best Software Solution Provider for any special application.

We are an IT development and Consulting company specialized software development services. We have been in the industry and developed application and software.

Qrishi helps companies innovate and grow with custom software that’s beautiful, reliable, and easy to use. We work with clients to create products that cross web, mobile, desktop, and custom devices. Their team of designers and development can bring your idea to life — from planning to implementation. We’ll help you mitigate risk, make smart trade-offs, and get the most value possible for your budget. We are located in New York and serve a national base of clients — from startups to mid-range companies. Whatever your market, We’ll help you change the status quo and set yourself apart from the competition. We are very specialized in Construction Industry and Block Chain Technologies.

Our Vision

Best Software Solution To Construction Industry

We take up any kind of construction industry problem and provide with best IT solution.

Our Mission

Make Construction Industry Happy

Our ultimate goal is to make sure our time an IT efforts is helpful to improve project efficiency there by construction industry.

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